Al Walaa’ Wal Baraa’ by Shaykh Fawzan

The subject matter of this work is of paramount importance and utmost interest for two major reasons:
Firstly, it is concerned with one of Islam’s main foundations, namely the qualities of al-wala’ wa’l-bara’, which are two major prerequisites of true faith: al-wala’ is a manifestation of sincere love for Allah, His prophets and the believers; al-bara’, on the other hand, is an expression of enmity and hatred towards falsehood and its adherents. Both are evidence of iman.
Secondly, it has been written at a very crucial time: everything has become so mixed up that some Muslims are no longer aware of those qualities which distinguish the believers from the non-believers; their faith has become so weak that they have adopted patterns of behaviour that are absolutely repugnant to a sincere believer; they have taken the disbelievers as their friends, while displaying enmity towards many of the believers by disparaging their character and degrading them.
The importance of writing such a book as this in the present time is therefore apparent. The author has investigated the various aspects of al-wala’ wa’l-bara’, quoting, along with explanatory notes and comments, many scholars’ statements and arguments. He has also backed up his arguments with numerous verses from the
Qur’an, authentic traditions from the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and many of the sayings of his companions and the early pious Muslim scholars, may Allah be pleased with all of them.

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