Admitting The Oneness of Allah

Ibadah in Arabic dictionary means submission and surrender. For example, it is said in Arabic: a submissive camel or a trodden path i.e. a path where people always tread.
·Technical meaning: It incorporates many definitions as follows: Sheikh al-Islam ibn Taymiya defined worship as: “It is a comprehensive term that encompasses all what Allah loves of words and deeds whether inward or outward [1].”
Ibn al-Qayim said: “Worship is the utmost degrees of love to Allah while accompanied by complete surrender [2].”
Sheikh ibn Sa’di gave many definitions to the term ‘Ibadah including: “love and submission to Allah are the essence and core of worship. The complete love and submission to Allah is the reality of worship. If these two concepts
or any of them is missed, it is not considered a true worship. This is because submitting oneself to Allah is the core of worship which cannot be achieved except through a perfect love out of which the love of everything else
follows [3].”
In another definition, Sheikh ibn Sa’di said: “Worship or ‘Ibadah is a comprehensive term includes all what Allah loves of beliefs, inward and outward deeds. Doing good deeds or refraining from sins are considered a worship
which draws a person closer to Allah. Likewise, a person who abandons sins for Allah’s sake also worships his Lord and gets closer to Him [4].”
Here, it is worthy to mention that there are two concepts related to the term worship [5]:
-The verb or the action in itself “to worship”.
-The object or the means the draws the worshipper nearer to Allah.

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