The Foundation of Islamic Faith

It was 610 A.D. when Arabia was to be blessed with the final message of God, The Qur’an. But a question many people ask and many others have never thought to ask is-What was the condition of Arabia before Islam? I would like to introduce this to you using a compare and contrast method so that you may see what many Muslim and non-Muslim scholars of Arab history say was the biggest miracle of Muhammad. The fact that he came simply reciting Arabic phrases which completely transformed the Arabian Peninsula in 23 years- not to mention about a third of the civilized world for centuries thereafter.
First of all Arabia was a well-known nomadic society in history. People were engulfed in tribal prejudice. They were also known for being a society enveloped in anarchy and lawlessness where crime ran rampant. Islam came and changed the whole of Arabia and the lands around it to an organized system of law with federal and local governments as well as a court system based upon legal scholarship. Islam instituted a very strict criminal justice system which brought harsh penalties for those who would corrupt the society especially when encroaching upon the rights of others. All
tribal and any other racism was erased and the scale by which people’s greatness was weighed was replaced with piety and God-Consciousness regardless of tribe, gender, or skin color.
The Pre-Islamic Arabs were mostly pagan polytheists with a few Jewish tribes and some Christian converts from the Roman rule in Syria. In addition to them there were a few atheists and monotheists. All of these groups were engulfed in the famous Arab superstitions and myths. Within 23 years all of the Arab lands, with close to a million people, had converted to the purest monotheism of Islam. They left all superstition in exchange for the belief in God’s omniscience and omnipotence and using His revelation as the criteria to judge any beliefs or actions.

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