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The Salafi Position Towards Those That Repent from Joining ISIS | Sh Sulaymān Abā al-Khayl

The Mediums Used in Spreading the Correct Message of Islam | Shaykh Sulaymān ibn Abdīllah Abul-Khayl

The First Thing to Call to – Shaykh Sulaymān Abul-Khayl

He Claims Speaking About ISIS Comes Under the Ruling of Speaking About the Muslim Rulers

He Claims there is No Saved Sect in This Day and Age – Shaykh Sulaymān ibn Abdīllah Abul-Khayl

Does ISIS Derive Their Ideology from the Books of Ibn Taymiyah and Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab

What is the Ruling on Debating Innovators on TV, and Flattering Them Whilst Doing So? by Shaykh Sulayman Ibn Abdullah Aba Al Khayl

COLLECTION: Advice by Shaykh Sulaymān ibn Abdīllah Abā al Khayl

اسماء وصور من تبنى الحملة الإعلامية الخبيثة ضد معالي الشيخ سليمان أبا الخيل؟

Living Under The Leadership Of Non Muslim Rulers In Western Lands | Shaykh Sulaymān Abā al-Khayl

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