Video Category: SUHUR & IFTAR


Iftar Ki Dua ki Sunnat | Hafiz Shakeel Ahmed Meeruthi


Kya Namak se roza iftar karna sunat hai by Maulana Makki al Hijazi


Must we make niyyah(intention) of fasting in Ramadan aloud & is eating suhoor must?- Assim al hakeem


What are the best food for iftar and suhoor to keep one energised? – Assim al hakeem


Giving food 4 iftar gets one the reward of a fasting person,is it even1 bite or a meal?Aasimalhakeem


What is the sunnah way of breaking the fast: dates or water first? – Assim al hakeem


If just before iftar a woman gets her period, is this fast counted? – Assim al hakeem


How was the iftar of the salaf? Did they also feast like we do today? – Assim al hakeem


The prescribed dua when breaking the fast, should we say it before or after iftar? – Assim al hakeem


When fasting if Fajr athan has started can I eat & drink or must I stop immediately- Assim al hakeem


EP 7 – Roza aur iftar – Dr Farhat Hashmi


Latest time for Sahoor (predawn meal) | Shaikh Al-Ghudayaan


Fasting without Sahoor | Shaikh Al-Ghudayaan


URDU: Muazzin pahle ifthari kare ya Azan de ? | Sheikh Maqsood Ul Hasan Faizi


URDU: Iftaar Ki Dua kya hai? By Abu Zaid Zameer


URDU: Ifthaar ke waqt duaa karne ka Sahi waqt konsa hai ? | Sheikh Maqsood Ul Hasan Faizi


When should I stop eating and drinking when Fasting – at the 1st or the 2nd Athan? – Assim Al Hakeem


URDU: Iftaar ke Waqt kya padna chahiye | Abu Zaid Zameer


URDU: Khate huye Sehri ka waqt khatam hone lage tu kya kare | Abu Zaid Zameer


URDU: Rozedar ko Iftaar karaane ka sawaab kitna hai | Abu Zaid Zameer


URDU: Iftaar aur Suhoor ka Waqt kab hai | Abu Zaid Zameer


URDU: Sehri ka afzal waqt kaunsa hai | Abu Zaid Zameer


URDU: Iftaar ka masnoon waqt kya hai | Abu Zaid Zameer


URDU: Kis Cheez se Sehri aur Iftaar karna behtar hai | Abu Zaid Zameer

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