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Sehri or Qaboliyat K Oqat | Jahan Aisy Log Hon Wahan Azan Nahi Aty?Qari Sohaib Ahmed Meer Muhammadi


Rozy ki sehri ya witar روزے کی سحری یا وتر


sehri or Iftari Ka Taluq Azaan sy hai, کیا سحری اور افطاری کا تعلق آزان سے ہے؟


Can we fast without eating suhoor (Sehri)? – Assim al hakeem


What Time Should You Eat Suhoor/Sehri?


When You Open Your Fast You Say…


Duroos e Ramadaan 16 – Roza daar ko iftaar karana – Abu Zaid Zameer


Duroos e Ramadaan 11 – Sehri mein Takheer aur Iftaar mein Jaldi – Abu Zaid Zameer


Duroos e Ramadaan 12 – Iftaar ke Waqt Masnoon Zikr – Abu Zaid Zameer


Duroos e Ramadaan 10 – Sehri ki Fazeelat – Abu Zaid Zameer


Duroos e Ramadaan 05 – Waqt se pahley Iftaar – Abu Zaid Zameer


Iftaar Party ke baare mein bataye | Abu Zaid Zameer


Iftar Ki Dua ki Sunnat | Hafiz Shakeel Ahmed Meeruthi


Kya Namak se roza iftar karna sunat hai by Maulana Makki al Hijazi


Must we make niyyah(intention) of fasting in Ramadan aloud & is eating suhoor must?- Assim al hakeem


What are the best food for iftar and suhoor to keep one energised? – Assim al hakeem


Giving food 4 iftar gets one the reward of a fasting person,is it even1 bite or a meal?Aasimalhakeem


What is the sunnah way of breaking the fast: dates or water first? – Assim al hakeem


If just before iftar a woman gets her period, is this fast counted? – Assim al hakeem


How was the iftar of the salaf? Did they also feast like we do today? – Assim al hakeem


The prescribed dua when breaking the fast, should we say it before or after iftar? – Assim al hakeem


When fasting if Fajr athan has started can I eat & drink or must I stop immediately- Assim al hakeem


EP 7 – Roza aur iftar – Dr Farhat Hashmi


Latest time for Sahoor (predawn meal) | Shaikh Al-Ghudayaan

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