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Distance left in front of person who hasn’t taken a sutrah


Salaah of a person who prays without a sutrah


Not praying the Sunnah prayer directly after the obligatory prayer


Traveller, travelling and its conditions


Finishing tashahhud and then remembering that only prostrated once


Is the Basmalah and the Isti’aadhah said between al-Faatihah and the Soorah …


Stay as you are—your Lord created you


When does a person praying behind an Imaam start to give salaam?


Walking to get to the sutrah


Imaam forgets to read al-Faatihah and only remembers when in Rukoo’


Is it permissible for a woman to pray without socks or with a short …


Basmalah after Surat ul-Faatiha


Facing the Imaam during the Khutbah is the confirmed Sunnah


Who knows the most Qur’aan should lead prayer


When should “Prayer is better than sleep” be stated?


The traveller praying a different prayer behind a resident Imaam


The prohibition of burying people in houses


A summary of placing the hands back on the chest after the Rukoo’


Praying behind an Imaam whose garments are below his ankles and …


Revive a Sunnah: Saying, ‘Sami’a-llaahu liman hamidah,’ in the …


Sufficing with one tasleem in the prayer


Saying Aameen aloud after reciting Faatihah


The ruling on the one who abandons Prayer


The Istikhaara Prayer

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