Whoever says : “My recital of the Qur’an is Created” then he is a Jahmi – Sharh as-Sunnah | Dawud Burbank

Imaam Barbahaaree rahimahullaah said:
Know that whoever says : “My recital of the Qur’an is created” then he is a Jahmi. And whoever remains silent and will neither say it is created nor it is not created then he is a Jahmi. This was the saying of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal.
And the Messenger of Allaah (SAWS) said:
“Whoever amongst you lives long will see great controversy, so beware of the newly introduced affairs for they are misguided. And adhere to my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly guided orthodox caliphs (Khulafaa). Bite upon it with your molar teeth.”

E M A A N L I B R A R Y . C O M ............ ا لسلف ا لصا لح

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