Ramadhan, Taqwa & Fasting 1437AH

Taqwa & Fasting 1437AH (Edit)
Ramadan: A Great Opportunity to Achieve Taqwa
The month of Ramadan is approaching with its blessings of goodness and purity to inculcate in man willpower, composure, and determination. Ramadan equips Muslims with the art of endurance and stamina to face all adversities and overcome all obstacles and difficulties of life. The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) used to congratulate his Companions at the beginning of Ramadan, saying: “O people! The month of Ramadan has come to you, a blessed month for the duration of which Allah has prescribed fasting for you. In it the gates of Paradise are open, the gates of Hellfire are shut, and the devils are chained up. There is a night [during this month] which is better than a thousand months. Whoever is deprived of its good is really deprived [of something great].” [Ahmad and An-Nasaa’i]
In another version of the same Hadeeth (narration), the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) added: “A caller calls out every night: ‘O seeker of good, draw near; come to Allah! O seeker of evil, desist!’ Allah will have emancipated some people from the Fire, and that happens every night.” [At-Tirmithi, Al-Bayhaqi, and Ibn Hibbaan]

  1. 1. (1) Virtues of the Fast of Ramadaan (download audio)
  2. 2. (2) Wisdoms of the Fast of Ramadaan (download audio)
  3. 3. (3) Last Ten Days & Laylatul-Qadr (download audio)
  4. 4. (4) Zakaatul-Fitr Issues (download audio)
  5. 5. (5) What Allaah Has Legislated After Ramadaan (download audio)
  6. 6. (6) The Virtues, Legal Rulings & Aadaab (Manners) of the Fast of Ramadaan (download audio)
  7. 7. (7) Taqwa & Its Relationship to Fasting (download audio)
  8. 8. (8) Taqwa and Emaan, & Taking Account of One's Self (download audio)
  9. 9. (9) Taqwa & Holding Firmly The Rope of Allaah (download audio)
  10. 10. (10) Zakaatul-Fitr: Its Significance & the Proper Manner of Fulfilling it (download audio)
  11. 11. (11) Evil Indeed! Are a People Who Only Know Allaah In Ramadaan (download audio)
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