Shuroot of La ilaaha illa Allah by Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab

This is a series of 7 lectures based on the works of the Noble Sheikh, Al-Imaam Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab Ibn Sulaiman at-Tamimi an-Najdi (Rahimahu-llah), delivered by Sheikh Abdur Rauf Shakir. May Allah be pleased with them for their efforts, Aameen.
The objective of the statement La ilaha illAllah is not saying it with the tongue only without understanding it; it is essential that you learn the meaning of La ilaha illAllah as for you saying it without knowing its meaning, that you do not affirm a thing you are ignorant of? Thus, it is essential that you know it’s meaning until you affirm it and you affirm with your heart what your tongue articulates of it; so it is binding that you learn the meaning of La ilaha illAllah as for mere articulation of the tongue without understanding its meaning, then this will not benefit at all.
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