Complete – The Tree of Faith – Imam Abdur Rahmaan as-Sa’dee


Explained by Shaykh Abdur Rauf Shakir.

  1. 1. Session No.1- The Importance of Knowledge; Importance of Emaan (download audio)
  2. 2. Session No.2- The Author's Introduction to the Book; The Parable of the 'Good Word' that is like a 'Good Tree' (download audio)
  3. 3. Session No.3- Discussion of Some of the Important Fundamentals of Emaan (download audio)
  4. 4. Session No.4- Achieving the High Station of being a 'Siddeeq' [57:19] (download audio)
  5. 5. Session No.5- Further Evidences Which Support the Comprehensive Definition of Emaan (download audio)
  6. 6. Session No.6- Doing Righteous Deeds and Observing Taqwaa is a Part of Emaan (download audio)
  7. 7. Session No.7- Emaan Has More than Sixty or Seventy Branches; (download audio)
  8. 8. Session No.8- Loving the Prophet (SallAllaahu Alaihi wa Sallam) More than Everyone Else is Part of Emaan; (download audio)
  9. 9. Session No.9- Being Pleased With Allaah as Rabb, Islaam as Deen & Muhammad (SallAllaahu Alaihi wa Sallam) as Rasool/Nabee (download audio)
  10. 10. Session No.10- Emān (Inwardly & Outwardly) and Istiqāmah (Remaining Upright) Emān In Allāh Alone Includes Salāh, Zakāh & Siyām.. (download audio)
  11. 11. Session No.11- Loving & Hating, and Giving & Withholding For the Sake of Allāh is Part of Emān. True Emān Causes the Mu'min to Fulfill Trust Until People Trust him with their Wealth & Lives (download audio)
  12. 12. Session No.12 - Good Deeds Continue to Be Recorded For the One Who is Prevented From Doing Them Due to Sickness... (download audio)
  13. 13. Session No.13 - Even the Best of the Believers Experienced Increase and Decrease of Emaan (download audio)
  14. 14. Session No.14- Performing Acts of Obedience & Abandoning Sins Due to Fear of Allah Increase Emaan (download audio)
  15. 15. Session No.15- General (Mujmal) Affairs From Which Emaan is Derived and Increased (download audio)
  16. 16. Session No.16- The Affairs From Which Emaan is Derived: Reflecting Upon the Qur'aan; and Having Knowledge of the Ahaadeeth of the Prophet SAWS (download audio)
  17. 17. Session No.17- Giving Care to the Sunnah, by Memorizing It, Understanding It and Acting Upon It is a Means of Achieving Emaan & Strengthening It (download audio)
  18. 18. Session No.18- Reflection Upon the Creation of the Heavens & Earth and Upon the Abundance of the Blessings & Favours of Allaah Calls to Emaan (download audio)
  19. 19. Session No.19- Knowing the Beautiful Aspects of the Deen of Allaah Is from the Causes of Emaan. Striving to Realize the Station of Ihsaan [with Allaah and with the Creation] (download audio)
  20. 20. Session No.20- Observing al-Khushoo' In the Prayer: A Characteristic of Those Who Are Successful (download audio)
  21. 21. Session No.21- Da'wah (Calling) to Allaah and to His Deen Is from the Causes of Emaan; Soorah al-Asr (103:1-3) (download audio)
  22. 22. Session No.22- Preparing the Nafs to Resist & Struggle Against Everything that Opposes Emaan (download audio)
  23. 23. Session No.23- From the Benefits and Fruits of Emaan Is the Special Guardianship of Allaah (download audio)
  24. 24. Session No.24- From the Benefits and Fruits of Emaan Is Earning the Pleasure of Allaah and Being Protected from the Hell-Fire. (download audio)
  25. 25. Session No.25- From the Benefits and Fruits of Emaan Is That Allaah Defends the Believers and Is al-Hayaat at-Tayyibah (the Good Life) (download audio)
  26. 26. Session No.26- Every Action & Speech Is Dependent Upon Emaan & Ikhlaas for Its Correctness/Perfection; Allaah Guides the People of Emaan To The Straight Path (download audio)
  27. 27. Session No.27- Emaan Comforts The Believer at the Time of Calamity (download audio)
  28. 28. Session No.28- Emaan Earns One The Love of Allaah & the Love of the Believers; The Station of Imaamah (Leadership) in the Deen; Allaah Raises The Station/Status of Those Who Believe In the Dunya & the Aakhirah (download audio)
  29. 29. Session No.29- Achievement of the Karaamah of Allah, Being Honored...; A Light In This World & In the Hereafter, and Forgiveness of Sins Is Also A Result of Emaan. (download audio)
  30. 30. Session No.30- From the Fruits of Emaan Are al-Falaah (Success) & al-Hudaa (Guidance); and Benefiting from Admonitions, Reminders and Signs (from Allaah) (download audio)
  31. 31. Session No.31- From the Fruits of Emaan Is Being Thankful for Prosperity & Patient With Adversity. (download audio)
  32. 32. Session No.32- From the Fruits of Emaan Is the Removal of Doubts Which Harm a Person In Their Deen; and al-Emaan is the Malja' (Place of Refuge/Guidance) for the Believers. (download audio)
  33. 33. Session No.33- al-Emaan is the Malja' (Place of Refuge/Guidance) for the Believers (continued). (download audio)
  34. 34. Session No.34- al-Emaan as-Saheeh Prevents the Mu'min from Falling Into the Destructive Sins. (download audio)
  35. 35. Session No.35- Every Aspect of Emaan Is Khair & There Is No Khair In The One Who Has No Emaan. (download audio)
  36. 36. Session No.36- (download audio)

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