Audio Speaker: Abul Abbas Naveed Ayaaz


Do not imitate the Kufaar in their celebrations and festivals


Series: Tafseer of the 30th Juzz – Abul Abbaas Naveed


What is the meaning of Sawm and Ramadhan? Why do we fast?


Guidance regarding the CoronaVirus


I am pleased with Muhammad as my Prophet


I am pleased with Allah as my Lord


The Muslim woman in a society of ‘clothed naked women’


Jesus in Islam and Christianity


Shirk – The unforgivable Sin


Contemplations and rulings pertaining to winter


Love the Prophet through his Sunnah, not by innovations


The tongue – blessings, responsibilities and dangers


Paradise is surrounded by difficulties and sacrifices


Earthquakes – Contemplations and Lessons


A brief study of the life of the Prophet & his 10 Companions Promised Paradise


Life of the Prophet and his ten Companions


Say: I believe in Allah, and be Upright


Muslim Homes: Blessings and Responsibilities


Allah says: O my people…


Sha’ban: a neglected month


Ramadhan Advice


Series: Short Ramadhan Benefits


What after Ramadhan…


Allah is Pure and only accepts what is Pure

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