{{NEW}} Shaykh Rabee’s Advice To The Salafis(Aug 29th, 2016)

Shaykh Rabee’s Advice to Those Who Ascribe to themselves Adherence to the Salafee Da’wah

Our father, the esteemed A’llaamah Sheikh Rabee Al-Madkhali – may Allah preserve him – issues yet another piece of advice aimed at bridging the gaps and mending the rifts that now exist between the Salafis. The Sheikh gave this admonition in the presence of a number of students of knowledge from various countries on Monday the 29th of August 2016, mere days before the Hajj of 1437.
May Allah reward the sheikh tremendously for his patience and grant him good health.

  1. 1. NEW-Shaykh-Rabees-Advice-To-The-SalafisAug-29th-2016 (download audio)

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