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Do not imitate the Kufaar in their celebrations and festivals


Madinah Book Two by Dr. V. Abdur-Rahim




Madinah Book One by Dr. V. Abdur-Rahim


The Keys for Receiving Provisions – Shaykh Muhammad Bazmool


Paris Attacks : The True Islamic Stance – Abu Muhammad al Maghribee


Praying in a Masjid of the People of Bidah – Shaykh Fu’ad bin Saud al-Amri


Dawah – Calling to Tawhid by Shaykh Abdur-Rahmaan bin Naasir Sa’dee


Fundamentals of Eemaan by Shaykh Abdul-Azeez Bin Baaz


Basic Arabic Grammar [Review] – Handout for Madinah Arabic Book 1


Madinah Arabic Course: Level Two Fiqh


Brief Description of the Prophet’s Prayer


Abu Bakr as-Sideeq – Bashar Shala


Guidance regarding the CoronaVirus


The Means for the Ummah’s Salvation by Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzaan


Series- Full Lectures – Tawakkul- Trust & Reliance on Allaah – Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzan


Series- Tafseer of the Aayaat of Siyaam – Shaykh Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sa’dee, explained by Abu Muhammad Abdur Rauf Shakir


“Follow & Do Not Innovate For You Have Been Sufficed” – Dr Abu Sara ‘Abdul-ilah Lahmami


Series: Tafseer of the 30th Juzz – Abul Abbaas Naveed


Complete – The Tree of Faith – Imam Abdur Rahmaan as-Sa’dee


Eid al-Fitr Khutbah- Ramadan Lessons for Happiness – Ustad Hanif Fouse


Who Is Aisha Bint Abu Bakr Siddique – Lesley Hazleton


English Hajj Khutbas (2020, 2019, 2018)


Sifaat ‘Ibaadur-Rahmaan – Characteristic of the Worshipers of ar-Rahmaan

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