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Researching Islam – Suggested Methodology

In the past decade we have been swamped with bad publicity about Islam, yet conversion statistics indicate that the number of people converting to Islam is growing at a phenomenal rate. Why is this so? Because wise people do not believe everything they read and see, they question, they apply critical thinking skills, they acquire …

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I am a Muslim – Formal Shahadah Declaration!

“And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” [Al-Imran 3:85].

Formal Shahadah declaration!

How to Become a Muslim

An informative and detailed guide to new Muslims discussing the main pillars of Islam, Faith, as well as various commandments and prohibitions in Islam. In order to enter the fold of Islam and become a Muslim, there are no specific religious rituals or customs that one need to perform, neither in specific areas nor in …

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Priests Embracing Islam

This book compiles the stories a number of past priests who have since embraced Islam, Including well known speakers and authors Yusuf Estes and Abu Yahya.

Bearing True Witness Now that I Found Islam What do I do With it

On the tail of Dr. Brown’s two theological tsunamis, MisGod’ed and God’ed, comes this indispensable Islamic primer. Bearing True Witness takes its rightful place at the conclusion of this trilogy of theological works by providing essential yet practical advice on how to correctly live the chosen religion of Islam.

Best Way to Live and Die

The author says in the introduction, “Every day the sun shines on new people recognizing the truth and returning to their Creator in repentance and submission to Him. They are ambitious for his reward of eternal happiness in Paradise. These new followers give a new flavor to the Muslims of today with their sincerity, keenness …

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Yes I Converted to Islam and here is Why

Sample testimonies of those who studied Islam objectively and converted to it conscientiously. It is not that Islam needs such testimonies in order to verify its authenticity. Our intention is to let those who have not yet contemplated converting to Islam share the insights of those who already have by reading their testimonies and to …

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The Must-Know Duties

The must-know duties that every Muslim man and woman should perceive.

My First Steps In Islam

A true Muslim feels great joy when someone accepts Islam, for he wishes well for others and wants them to live as he does himself: a life of comfort and delight with spiritual joy and mental stability. This can only result from implementing the teachings of Islam. Allah (SWT) says: (Whoever does good whether male …

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The Rights of non-Muslims in the Islamic World

In this study titled The Rights of non-Muslims in the Islamic World, to discuss this issue in depth, so that non-Muslims can know what Islam guarantees them, and not go to extremes in making demands that have no basis in truth. At the same time, Muslims can learn about the rights of others, and not …

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Islamic Studies for New Muslims

Islamic Studies for New Muslims Curriculum: To act correctly, a Muslim must first acquire authentic knowledge, change his mode of thought and improve his practical ability. These changes must result from the Muslims’ own decisions and efforts if they are to be educationally enduring, religiously sound, socially important and physically permanent. It is with this …

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How Yusuf Estes Become a Muslim

Yusuf Estes, now an active preacher of Islam, humorously tells his story about entering Islam. Part 1: Background. Part 2: A business project with a man from Egypt. Part 3: Preaching Christianity to a priest. Part 4:A big home and lively discussions about religion. Part 5: All become Muslim!

Jeremy Ben Royston Boulter, Ex-Christian, UK

Jeremy Ben Royston Boulter, Ex-Christian, UK Islam evolving in the heart.

Dr. Moustafa Mould, Ex-Jew, USA

After a spiritual journey of almost 40 years, a Boston Jewish linguist finds Islam in Africa.

Margaret Marcus, Ex-Jew, USA

Margaret discusses her early childhood of Sunday school, leaving and scorning all organized religion, and a class she took about Judaism and Islam in university. Margaret discusses how a fellow Jewish classmate accepts Islam, and later accepts Islam herself. Margaret discusses how the Quran had impacted her life. Margaret continues to discuss how the Quran …

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Stories Of New Muslims

Conveying Islamic Message Society is dedicated to the cause of Islam worldwide through striving to elevate the image of Islam and Muslims by providing the information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilizations from the authentic sources. The aim of this book is to give the non-Muslim individuals a genuine opportunity to share the New Muslims …

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Testimonies Of Jewish Converts To Islam

Thousands of Jews convert to Islam, from Rabbis to reform Jews, as well as Jews for Jesus, each after research, study and comparison, discover the Truth and Beauty of Islam and how Islam completes our lives, fills our spirits, and brings us closer to God and on the path of Righteousness. Included here are the …

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Program of Studies For New Muslims

Introduction to Program, ‘In 1974, the Planning Committee of the Muslim Students’ ssociation of the U. S. and Canada sparked the idea of designing a comprehensive curriculum for American Muslims who have recently embraced Islam. Such curriculum is greatly needed by a large population of Muslims in North America to help them understand Islam as …

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Why I Chose Islam

Account of a Christian who became a Muslim: I was born to staunch Catholic Christian parents. Even from my youngest days, my father sometimes took me along with him when he went to preach, it was quite obvious that he wanted me to succeed him in his profession. By the time I reached grade twelve, …

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