Shaykh Abdul Aziz aal Shaykh Hajj Khutbah – 2008

Khutbah from Haj Arafah Shaykh Abdul Aziz aal-Shaykh

This is the Khutbah (Sermon) from the Hajj 1428H (2008). It is delivered by Shaykh Abdul Aziz aal-Shaykh, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, on the day of Arafah. This is a really beautiful and beneficial speech for all Muslims and Non-Muslims! The Shaykh advice explains many topics

One of the Best Islamic Speeches in Recent years! Please Watch it all, it is very beneficial and beautiful! May Allah bless the Shaykh!

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  • 1. Shaykh Abdul Aziz aal Shaykh Hajj Khutbah

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