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Benefit: Don’t Say “Mashallah” – say “Maa shaa’ Allaah”

Ibn Taymiyah – Do not attach your heart to other than Allah

Master Arabic Poetry – “Oh Claimant Of Understanding – يا من يدعي الفهم “

Emotional Story of a Blind Kid – it will Make You Cry

الدليل على دخول الجن جسم الانسان ةفديو صحيح 100% الجن الطيار يستطيع ان يدخل الانس

Juz Amma – With *English Audio Translation* (Memorize For Ramadan)

The Prohibition of Exalting Graves

Zakir Naik Still Thinks Allah Cannot Do All Things (2014)

Henna In Islam

Women´s right in Islam.

Shaykh Muhammad Sa`eed Raslan-Facebook

The Issue of Fadak – Muhammad Rslan قضية فدك و “مظلومية الزهراء” الشيخ محمد رسلان

21. The Ruling on Taking Pictures

The Ruling on a women who refuses to become a second wife

What The Salafis Have To Say About Bin Laden?

Nooniyyah al Qahtani

Scholars And Rulers – Poem Of Abdullah Ibn’ Al-Mubarak

Live classes from Dammaj

The Greatness of the Sahaba in the Quran & Sunnah

Dealing With The Muslim Rulers, Based On The Sunnah (Saheeh Hadeeth/Athar)

“Satan talking to Imam Ahmad on his death bed”

Reflect on – Imam Ash Shafi’ee

How the Salaf were (and weren’t) when hearing the Qur’an

Political revolution first? – Exaggerating One Matter over all others

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