Video Category: ZAKAT-CHARITY

Money given to a man to keep it and he spent it, can I use that in zakat

Categories of zakat and how to give zakat

Zakat on flats

Giving zakah to my housband to give it to someone

Each person pays zakah for himself

How to count Zakah

The Zakat

Just received money a month ago, is this money excluded from my zakat? – Assim al hakeem

When to give zakat al fitr? – Assim al hakeem

PUNJABI: Zindgi may sakoon kasay aye ga – abdul manan rasik

The Ruling on Asking for Charity to Maintain the Masjid | Shaykh Ibn Baaz

Can we give Zakat to our grandchildren? – Assim al hakeem

Decent Speech – A Good Word – Assim al hakeem

Paying someone who will use money to buy Drugs? Shaikh Al-Ghudayaan

URDU: Sadaqa Gin Gin Kar Na Karo | Sheikh Maqsood Ul Hasan Faizi

🖋موعظة عظيمة في الاعتناء بالباطن وعدم الاغترار بالظاهر | شرح تعظيم العلم | الشيخ صالح العصيمي

URDU: Bila Haajat Logon Se Maangna | بلا حاجت لوگوں سے مانگنا | Abu Zaid Zameer

Importance of giving Charity& Best of Charity to the Family & Charity to Relatives – Assim al hakeem

URDU: Islam Me Zakat Na Dene Ki Saza | اسلام مے زکات نہ دینے کی سزا | Dr. Abdul Basit Faheem

URDU: Zakat KE haqdar Kon | Dr Abdul Basit fahim

URDU: Zakat Ki Farziyat Aur Fawaid | زکات کی فرضیت اور فوائد | Shaikh Dr. Abdul Basit Faheem

URDU: Sadaqa Tul Fitr Ke Ahkam O Masail | صدقة الفطر كے احکام و مسائل | Shaikh Dr. Abdul Basit Faheem

URDU: Zakat Ka Haqdar Kon? | زکات کا حقدار کون؟ | Shaikh Dr. Abdul Basit Faheem

URDU: Zakaat on crops غلہ ,اناج اور فصلوں پر زکوٰة کا اصول ؟

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