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Ramzan Main Sab Se Bada Gunah Kya Hai? By Sheikh Tauseef Ur Rehman


Istaqbal E Ramzan Kaise? Shaikh Tauseef UR Rehman


Ramzan Kaisey Guzarain || by Shaikh Tauseef Ur Rehman


Ramzan Ka Istaqbaal Kaise Karein By Sheikh Tauseef Ur Rehmaan


Ramadan ki Haqeeqat┇Shaikh Hafiz Jalaluddin Qasmi


Mah-e-Ramadan Me Infaaq fi Sabeelillah ki Ahmiyat┇Shaikh Hafiz Jalaluddin Qasmi


How to stay on track after Ramadan? (Peak & Downfall of Iman) – Assim al hakeem


Let the Good Deeds Continue – Qari Zakaullah Saleem


Sexual intercourse during fasting in Ramadan and it’s expiation (Kaffara) – Assim al hakeem


Are people who work in scorching heat exempted from fasting? – Assim al hakeem


How to advice people to maintain oral hygiene while fasting as smell from mouth is offensive – Assim


Traveling from a country to another while fasting, when should I break my fast? – Assim al hakeem


Combining intentions of missed days of Ramadan with Mondays, Thursdays, white days, Ashura, Arafah


I began 29th Day of fasting & traveled to a country celebrating eid, should I break my fast? – Assim


Hadith which says ‘All previous sins will be forgiven’ in Ramadan refers to minor or even major sins


Follow astronomical calculations or sight the moon by the naked eye? – Assim al hakeem


Do pieces after using Miswak or tiny food particles in teeth break my fast? – Assim al hakeem


What if Muazzin is late in giving athan: should we rely on watches more than Muazzin- Assim AlHakeem


Does it break the fast if some water reaches one’s throat during wudu? – Assim al hakeem


Can one break their fast while traveling by plane, train or car? – Assim al hakeem


How should one taste food for salt etc without breaking the fast & how many times is OK-Assimalhakee


Does using inhalers affect the fast of asthma patients? – Assim al hakeem


I am diabetic, can I take insulin shots during fasting? – Assim al hakeem


How to train kids and encourage new muslims to start fasting Ramadan? – Assim al hakeem

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