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SERIES: Angels & Jinn – Dāwūd Adīb

What Your Shaytan Wants From You – Shaykh Salih Al-Fawzan

What Your Shaytan Wants From You – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan الشيخ صالح الفوزان

How many Shayātīn Enter Your Home and Eat With You – Sheikh ‘Abdurrazzāq ibn ‘Abdulmuḥsin al-Badr

I Have Constant Doubts About My Faith Does This Make Me A Hypocrite – Sheikh Muhammad Baazmool

Original Lustful lover Jinn Ruqyah Hassan Jubaili رقية المس العاشق الشيخ حسن بن محمد الجبيلي

Original Ruqyah Jinn Possession Hassan Jubaili رقية المس وأذية الجان الشيخ حسن محمد الجبيلي

An insight into the realm of Jinns and Magic VT – Shaykh ‘Abdul’Azeez al Bura’ee

Leaving bones for the Jinn VT – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan الشيخ صالح الفوزان


URDU: Molana Makki Al-Hijazi – Jinnat Sy Hamesha K Liye Chtkara | جنات سے ہمیشہ کیلئے چھٹکارا پائیں | اتمه

Sheitan reading the Quran?

Djinns at home

Can djin help people perform miracles?

Magic or Djin posession

Do muslims control the djinns?

If Iblis is from fire how would he be punished in Hell?

seeking refuge from Sheitan

Did the djinns inhabit the Earth before humans?

Fearing djinns

What is Jamarat?

On the Whispers of Shaytaan VT – Sheikh Yahya Al Hajooree الشيخ يحي الحجوري

URDU: Protection from Shaytan – Jumu’ah Khutbah – الاستعاذة

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