Eemaan in the Intercession of Allaah’s Messenger ﷺ on the Day of Resurrection – Dawud Burbank

Imam Barbahaaree rahimahullaah said,
And to have eemaan in the Intercession (the Shafaa`ah) of Allaah’s Messenger sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam on the Day of Resurrection for those guilty of sins; and upon the Bridge (as-Siraat), and to cause them to come out from within the Hell Fire. There is no Prophet except that he will have Intercession. And likewise will be the case with the eminently truthful and sincere followers of the Prophets, and the martyrs and the righteous people. And after that Allaah will bestow favour abundantly upon whomever He wishes.

E M A A N L I B R A R Y . C O M ............ ا لسلف ا لصا لح

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