eBook Author: Dr Israr Ahmad


راہِ نجات(مختصر ایڈیشن)


قرآن ہم سے کیا چاہتا ہے؟


پاکستان کا معجزانہ قیام – Pakistan ka Mojzana Qayam


The Iranian Experience


The achievements of Islamic revivalist struggle And Main Task Ahead


Process Of An Islamic Revolution


Islamic Revolutionary Thought And Its Decline


Iqbal and the Reconstruction of Islamic Thought


Historical Overview of the Execution of Iqbal’s Thought


An Interview with Dr Israr Ahmed r.a (by Tauheed International)


Tragedy of Karbala


Three Points Action Agenda for the Muslim Ummah


The way to Salvation in the light of Surah Al-Asr


The Reality of Tasawwuf


The Quran and World Peace


The Prophet’s Strategy for Islamic Revolution


The Process of Creation: A Quranic Perspective


The Obligations Muslims owe to The Quran


The Call of Tanzeem-e-Islami


Synthesis of Emaan


Rise and Decline of Muslim Ummah


Religious Obligations of Muslim Women


Obligations to God


Muhammad(SAW) The Objective of His Appointment

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