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Taking one’s wife back after divorcing her then doubting whether it was during her `Iddah or not


Divorcing the wife and revoking Talaq without any witnesses


Divorcing one’s wife before consummating the marriage at her request


Divorcing both wives in one pronouncement of divorce


Having intercourse with the wife immediately after taking her back in marriage


Telling one’s wife that Allah will send her a better husband


A wife having a major irrevocable divorce and marrying another man without consummating the marriage


Authorizing a brother to write the Talaq paper but he did not


Asking the wife’s permission before taking her back


Saying the words of Talaq once and repeating them again to evict the wife from the house, and once more in front of the police officer


Making one’s wife unlawful for him and lawful for another is considered one pronouncement of Talaq


Making Talaq contingent on the wife’s going out without his permission


Repeating the words of Talaq thrice intending with the second and third times to emphasize the first one


Divorcing the wife thrice


Saying that one’s wife is unlawful for him and cursing her and her father


Repeating the words of Talaq to emphasize it


Telling one’s brother-in-law to inform his wife’s father to marry her to another intending divorce


Divorcing one’s wife once and taking her back on the same day


Repeating the words of divorce twice and doubting saying it again


Divorcing one’s wife by deputization according to Sunnah and the validity of revoking the divorce


Divorcing one’s wife while she is pregnant


Admitting divorcing one’s wife


Divorcing one’s wife according to the Sunnah and wishing to take her back after a year


Divorcing one’s wife twice

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