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Itikaaf is restricted to the three mosques


When to stop eating in Ramadhaan – Imam Bin Baz


Hearing Adhaan of Fajr but carrying on eating – Imam Bin Baz


Giving food to disbeliever in the day of Ramadhaan – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Regarding one who moves to country with additional or missing day in fasting – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Fasting of one abandoning prayer – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Making up missed days of Ramadhan for excused dead person – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Not fasting in Ramadhan due to excuse with inability to pay Al-Fidya – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Completing Sha’baan as thirty days if do not know start of Ramadhan – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Validity of fasting of one who wakes up in a state of Janaaba – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Ruling regarding woman who knows she will be pure of menses after dawn – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Differing with regard to when Ramadhaan begins – Imam Ibn Uthaymeen


Month of Muharram and fasting


Aashooraa – Imam Ibn Uthaymeen


Fasting day of Arafaa expiates sins of two years; fasting Ashuraa of one year – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


Using inhaler during fasting – Shaykh Ferkous Al Qoobee


When to stop eating in Ramadhaan – Imam Ibn Uthaymeen


Hearing adhaan of Fajr but carrying on eating and drinking – Imam Bin Baz


Praying four rak’ahs on last Friday of Ramadhaan as expiation for missed prayers – Alama Al Fawzan


Blessings of sahoor


Offering the five obligatory prayers after a prayer on last Friday of Ramadan – Imam Ibn Uthaymeen


Making up missed fasts – Imam Ibn Uthaymeen


Not made up fasts owed from two years ago – Imam Ibn Uthaymeen


Muslim who for many years did not fast Ramadhaan – Imam Ibn Uthaymeen

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