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On the Hadeeth, “Fast and You Will be Healthy.”


Number of Angels on the Night of Decree


Accidentally drinking water while Fasting


Fasting person should have a few small bites, pray and then eat


Making up previous Ramadaan Fasts missed with a valid excuse


On breaking an obligatory Fast on purpose


The wisdom behind Fasting


On Fasting while travelling


Whether long fasting hours should be shortened


There is no I’tikaaf except in the three mosques


Drinking, eating and sexual intercourse out of forgetfulness while fasting


Eating dates for Suhoor


Fast and you will be healthy


Is fasting on Mondays and Thursdays better than fast…


Does swallowing mucus invalidate the fast?


Ruling on one who is sick and cannot fast for Ramadhaan


Fasting person should open his Fast, pray and then eat


When the recommended fast coincides with a Saturday


Deeds multiplying in Ramadhaan


Sunnahs neglected in Ramadhan


Trying to make up years of missed Fasts


Taking injections and being operated on during fasting in Ramadhan


Recommendation to break Fast with moist dates


Pregnant for first half of Ramadaan and breast-feeding for other half

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