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Tobah Ki Azmat Aur Taseer HD __ Dr. Israr Ahmed

They Say: Your Tawbah Is Not Acceptable Until You Write A Clarification Letter!!!

The Virtue of Making Tawbah (Repentance) – Aboo Muhammad al-Maghribee

Tauba Ki Azmat by Dr Israr Ahmed

Najat Ki Raah (India) By Dr. Israr Ahmed

Tauba ki Pukaar by Hafiz Naveed Ahmed at Karachi Press Club

Apne Gunah Chopao ┇ اہنے گناہ چھپاؤ ┇ #Gunhaon #Tauba #Aaeb ┇ IslamSearch

Ek Aansoo ┇ ایک آنسو ┇ #Tauba #Tears for #Allah ┇ IslamSearch

Sachi Tauba Abhi Karo ┇ سچی توبہ ابھی کرو ┇ #Tauba #Repentance #Allah ┇ IslamSearch

6 Ghante me tauba ┇ چھ گھنٹے میں توبہ ┇ #Tauba #Astaghfar ┇ IslamSearch

Allah se kaise maange ┇ اللہ سے کیسے مانگیں؟ ┇

Tauba Astaghfar ki fazilat || استغفار کی فضیلت || #Tauba ki fazilat ||

Delaying the Repentance – Aboo Muhammad al-Maghribee

Message from A Jailed Muslim – Aboo ‘Abdillaah Khalif

Repent to Allaah – Abu Idrees Muhammad Khan

I’ve sinned so much….how can I ask for a high place in paradise?

The Importance of Righteous Actions & Repentance

Allah’s Forgiveness

The blessings of asking for forgiveness from Allah – Sheikh ‘Abd Ar-Razzâq Al’Abbâd

Asking for forgiveness for Muslims – Shaykh Abder Razzaq Al Abbad

Tauba ka Safar [Journey of Repentance] by Dr. Martaza bin Baksh [hafidhahullaah]

Advice to the one that returns to sins after repenting | Shaykh ‘Abdullaah al-Bukhaaree

The Benefits of Seeking Forgiveness | Shaykh Abdur-Razzaaq Al Badr

Advice to repent from Homosexuality || Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Baaz

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