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Hastening Towards Good Deeds…by Imam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen

Hajj (Based on the book by Shaykh al-Albanee) – Abu Talhah Dawud Burbank

Atheism: Its reality and dangers by Abul Abbas Naveed Ayaaz

Arabic Lessons in Hadeeth, Level 2 – Madeenah Program

Tafseer As-Sa’di – Soorah Al-Baqarah by Naveed Ayaaz

Explanation of Aqeedah Ar-Raaziyayn by Imams Abu Haatim Ar-Raazi and Abu Zur’ah Ar-Raazi

Milestones in the path of seeking Knowledge by Shaykh Abdul Azeez As-Sadhaan

Maqaasid al-Hajj (Goals & Objectives of the Pilgrimage) by Abdur Rauf Shakir

What Islam Teaches Us by Abul Abbas Naveed Ayaaz

Khutbah: Aashoorah – A day of Fasting not a day of Mourning

Eid Al-Adhaa 2017 – Eid Khutbah by Naveed Ayaz

The story of Prophet Ibraheem, his family and the Ka’bah

Allaah has no need of the Arsh (Throne) and whatever is beneath it

Allaah guides whoever He wishes and misguides whoever He wishes by Dawood Burbank

Allaah is Al-Hayy (the Living One) who does not die

Allaah is the Al-Qayyoom (Independent Sustainer of everything), who does not sleep

Allaah resurrects all of the mankind without any exertion or difficulty

Allah does not perish nor (does He) pass away

Allah has always had His Attributes, before His act of creation

Ar-Rabb (the Lord) is the One Who deserves to be Worshipped – Dawud Burbank

Every affair is easy for Him (Allaah)

Everything is totally dependent upon Allaah

He (Allaah) does not resemble the creation

He is the Ancient One without any beginning, the One who Persists without any ending

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