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Women in Muhammad’s Life

Women in Muhammad’s Life by Prof. Hamed bin Mahmoud Sefratah

The first thing that meets the eye about women in Muhammad’s life (Peace be upon him) is the fact that he liberated her from blame for the Original Sin. She, alone, is not responsible for it. The Old Testament[1] reads: “She took of its fruit …

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Fallacies and Misconceptions about the Messenger’s Marriages

I would like to answer a wicked lie frequently aroused by malicious enemies of Islam to undermine our faith, to obscure truth and to depreciate the great Message of Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). They claim that Muhammad was a lustful man pursuing his lusts and …

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Noble Women Around The Messenger

The role that women contributed at the beginning of Islamic history has often been overlooked or neglected and as a result recorded data has been disproportionately unavailable, even though Islamic history is full of stories and accounts of women and the significant role that they played in Islam. This book attempts to fill a gap …

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Wives Of The Messenger Of Allah (PBUH)

The Wives of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). This book presents the life and times of the Prophet’s wives, from the mother of the Believers Lady Khadijah Bint Khuwailid (r.a) to Lady Maimunah Bint Alharuthy Al-Hilalia (r.a).

The Wives of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)

Islam greatly honours a woman and elevates status whether she is a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother. In the glittering Islamic history, many righteous Muslim women played outstanding roles in the life of the Ummah (the Muslim nation). No doubt, the Prophet’s wives, Mothers of the Believers, preceded others in this regard. …

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Why Did Prophet Muhammad Marry Aisha?

This is an important book talks about a common issue misunderstood but misused by lots of thinkers and orientalists. It is “Why did Prophet Muhammad marry Aisha the young girl?” The author shows the reason behind their discussion. They want to distort the picture of Prophet Muhammad not criticize the marriage of young girl. Also …

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Women Around the Messenger

The life sketches of the early female believers, stand as beacon and outstanding models for the so-called “weaker sex” and call for the revival of the pristine, lofty, high position of women in the society once again.

The Days of Prophet Muhammad with His Wives

The Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) had a large and lively household that was ‘ruled’ by his good nature and common sense. His marital life was an example of activity, vitality, and sympathy. He had a pure nature that filled his household with warmth and affection, and he never showed apathy, coldness, …

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