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The Response of the Muslim Against the Plots of the Kuffaar – Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan

To Be a Muslim

To Be a Muslim by Fathi Yakan The first requirement for a person who has accepted Islam as his way of life is to understand and accept certain teachings or elements of knowledge that one can know only from revelation. These are called the creed or Aqidah. The correct Aqidah has been revealed by all …

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Tarikh al-Rusul wa’l muluk ‘Annals of the Apostles and Kings’

Tarikh al-Rusul wa’l muluk ‘Annals of the Apostles and Kings’ Tarikh al-Rusul wa’l muluk ‘Annals of the Apostles and Kings’ ,by Abu Ja’far Muhammad b Jarir al-Tabri (839-923), is by common consent the most important universal history produced in the world of Islam. This monumental work explores the history of the ancient nations, the prophets, …

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Islam in Focus

This book is one of the most popular written documents on Islam in the English language, with its living and resourceful style, this book addresses both the young and old in a scholarly yet refreshingly simple mode of thinking and presentation.

Knowledge of God and belief in Him constitute the very foundation of Islam. The …

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Islam The Voice of Human Nature

Only God-centred religion is real and in harmony with man’s nature. But this truth does not occur to him until the hour of crisis and peril is upon him.

A man may have any religion, or any material props he chooses, but, in moments of real crisis, it is to God that he calls …

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Islam Rediscovered

This book seeks, as its title suggests, to present Islam as it is, by drawing on original sources, rather than leaving it to be judged by latter-day interpretations and commentaries, or the practices of present-day Muslims in different parts of the world.

This method of evaluation brings out the distinction between Islam as presented …

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Conversion – An Intellectual Transformation

Conversion in Islamic takes place in a person’s life as a result of intellectual revolution or spiritual transformation. The Islamic ideal of conversion is for the individual to discover the truth after an exhaustive search for it and then by his own choice, abandon one religion for another. During his final phase in 6 A.H., …

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Islam As It Is

The discovery of God takes place in the human mind, but a man feels its effect throughout his entire being. He loses himself and finds God. With God living in his thoughts he belongs entirely to Him. His entire being is enslaved and prostrates itself before his Lord. One excellent consequence of this is his …

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Islam and the Modern Man

The problems that confront man in the present age can all be traced, directly or indirectly, to one underlying cause: the distancing of man from God and His Commandments. In this modern age man has acquired many material comforts, but he has lost his faith in God. Material progress has provided man with plenty of …

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Islam Creator of the Modern Age

Before reaching its present-day zenith, the modern, scientific age had to pass through three stages. The first was marked by the eradication of the superstitious mentality, the second saw the practical beginnings of scientific research, and the third is the spectacular culmination of the scientific process in the second half of the twentieth century. The …

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Islamic Facts Refuting the Allegations against Islam

The allegations against Islam, since its advent and until the present day, have been repeatedly circulated, the only difference being the wording and the attempt to present them in a semblance of scientific diction. The scholars of Islam answered these allegations each according to his own thought and we do not belittle the efforts of …

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The Purpose of Life

‘What is the purpose of life?’ This is, perhaps, the most important question that has ever been asked. Throughout the ages, philosophers have considered it to be the most fundamental question. Scientists, historians, philosophers, writers, psychologists and the common man all wrestle with the question at some point in their lives. Islam is the response …

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This small book aims to explore the following questions:

Does Islam promote ease or difficulty? There are those in Islam who claim that the path to Allah is difficulty. Is this true?

In Islam we derive our understandings from two primary sources: The Quran and The Sunnah of The Prophet, peace be upon him.

There …

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The Religion of Truth

The Religion of Truth by Abdul Rahman Bin Hammad Al-Omar.

Rays of Faith Fundamentals of Faith Notes

Rays of Faith. A seminar to enlighten the minds and hearts, as we continue on our journey towards Allah SWT and explore the deeper meanings of the last five of the six articles of Islamic faith: Angels, Divine Books, Messengers, the Day of Judgment and Al-Qadar. Considering the first article of Faith, Angels: A COMMON …

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The Global Messenger (SAW)

The Global Messenger: At the outset, a brief explanation of some basic terms can facilitate understanding of this book as well as other material related to Islam. This preface is limited to essential background information relevant to the book, while many other concepts, such as those of worship and Tawheed should become clear within the …

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Ease & Tolerance: Two beautiful, intrinsic qualities of Islam

Islam is the religion that God revealed to all Prophets and Messengers from Prophet Adam, may God exalt his mention, to Prophet Muhammad r[1]. God, the Exalted, says: “Indeed the only acceptable religion in the sight of God is Islam.”(3:19). Each prophet called his people to the belief in the Oneness of God and to …

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A brief introduction to Islam

Islam is the seal of all the divine messages that were previously revealed by Allah, it was sent down upon the seal of his prophets and messengers, Muhammad, the son of Abdullah, (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and it is the true religion. Any other religion than it will not …

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The Key To Understanding Islam

While the way of life known as Islam continues as the world’s most populace religion—the traditional undercounting of Muslims by western statisticians notwithstanding—the availability of useful Islamic information that speaks to the needs of both practicing Muslims as well as interested others has struggled to keep pace with the expanding community. Ironically, the post-9/11 frenzy …

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Islamic Verdicts On The Pillars Of Islam

The Fatawa presented in these volumes have been selected from the whole collection of the Fatawa of the learned Shaikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-‘Uthaimeen and translated into the English language. These Fatawa are distinguished by their reliance upon the Book of Allah, the Most High, the Sunnah of His Messenger (S) and the opinions of …

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Book translated into English contains twelve studied at the origins of religion, including the explanation is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and explain the pillars of Islam, faith, polytheism and hypocrisy, Nullifiers, uniformity. The book will also be very useful as a course material in Islamic creed for both …

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Bearing True Witness Now that I Found Islam What do I do With it

On the tail of Dr. Brown’s two theological tsunamis, MisGod’ed and God’ed, comes this indispensable Islamic primer. Bearing True Witness takes its rightful place at the conclusion of this trilogy of theological works by providing essential yet practical advice on how to correctly live the chosen religion of Islam.

Muhammad’s Prophethood – Reality or Myth

Muhammad has become a target for Islam’s long-established adversaries and their armies of missionaries and orientalists who have aroused suspicions and propagated allegations against the Prophet of Islam and his Message. Their objective has always been to distort the image of the Prophet of Islam in the eyes of those who do not know him …

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Whom Should We Worship

The creation and existence of everything in this world has a purpose and wisdom behind it. Human beings are the superior creation as Allah has given them the intellect, has created everything for them, and has given them power and knowledge over most of the creation. There is, obviously, a specific purpose behind their existence, …

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