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Guarding the Tongue – Shaykh Salim ibn Eid al Hilaalee

The original source, Al-Adhkaar, is one of the prize works of Imaam An-Nawawee in which he compiles and discusses the texts related to what is recommended and forbidden from speech, focusing on adhkaar (words of remembrance) and ad’iyyah (supplications). In the last part of the book, as he explains, Imaam An-Nawawee devotes a chapter to …

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Ettiquettes of a Muslim on Friday

Ettiquettes of a Muslim on Friday Many people are unaware o f what the etiquette of a Muslim on Friday should be and most are unaware o f its significance. Most do not consider the Friday Prayer as obligatory, hence they miss it intentionally. M any people in Islaamic countries are on holiday on this …

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The Etiquette of the Mosque

Masjids, or Mosques, are the houses of Allah Almighty in which His name is mentioned and His obedience and worship is encouraged. Mosques are where hearts become alive and souls are raised, foreheads are lowered and people come together in unity. Please know that Masjids are the Houses of Allah Almighty, which have certain etiquette. …

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Virtues and Etiquettes of Visiting the Sick

Prophet SAW has mentioned in a Hadith that there are two favours of Allah  which most people are unmindful of. One is good health and the other is free time. Neglecting these two favours, as well as misusing them, results in the destruction of one’s Aakhirah. Good health is a great ni’mah (gift) of …

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His Character was the Quraan

“The night was dark. The caravan had lost its way. Light was extinguished. Heavy rain and darkness invaded the jungle. Danger intensified.’ …This was the picture of the Jahiliyya (era of ignorance) before the arrival of Nabi Muhammad (1). People were in a kind of intoxication – intoxicated by vices and crimes. No one had …

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Muhammad The Ideal Character

Mankind needs a set of moral principles having universal validity as well as a real personality in which these moral principles are exemplified. The Prophet Muhammad is the only answer to the question. He proclaimed the ethics which bear the stamp of divine authenticity, and is, moreover, a model of perfect conduct and character for …

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The Noble Qur’an, which Allah Has promised to preserve from change and the sayings or traditions of Prophet Muhammad (S) are the two source of Islamic teachings. They later add to and detail the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. This booklet sheds light on the basic characteristics of those main two sources of Islamic teachings. …

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Moral Behaviour in Islam

This book will benefit a person more than financial treasures and possessions of property, if he meditates upon it, and if Allâh enables him to make good use of it. As for myself, my hope in this enterprise is to win the greatest reward from Allâh, since my intention is to help His servants, to …

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The Secrets of Asceticism

This guide introduces modern readers to the commentary of medieval scholar al-Qurtubi and presents his rulings on how believers should regard wealth. Topics include the importance of money as a test for Muslims, the necessity that money be rightfully earned and properly spent, the virtue to be found in labor, and the complexities of using …

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Some of the Manners of the Prophet Muhammad

There is no doubt that our Prophet (PBUH) was the paradigm of excellent manners, and beautiful characteristics and traits, which no one else comprehensively possessed. Even his enemies who fought and disbelieved in him, attested to this fact. Abu Jahl, who was one of the harshest enemies of Islam, said: ‘O Muhammad! I do not …

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The Prophet’s Noble Character

This is a book presented by Rasoulallah Website (http://www.rasoulallah.net) shows aspects of our Prophet’s life. It contains topics as: his manners, his exemplary justice, his simple life, his love for the poor, his forgiveness shown to the non-Muslims. It includes other important topics as: how did he achieve reform, can he be taken as a …

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A Mercy for all That Exists

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the best role model for all humankind. Among his outstanding virtues and characteristics, he was an extraordinary husband, a perfect father, and a unique grandfather. He was also a great statesman, judge, and spiritual leader. His most distinctive quality, however, was the fact that he was …

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The Rights of Children

Children are the fruits of the marital relationship and a pleasure in this life. In fact, parents must train their children so that they become solace of their eyes in this life and hereafter.

The Rights of Parents

Islam recognizes family as a basic social unit. Along with the husband-wife relationship the Parent-child relationship is the most important one. To maintain any social relationship both parties must have some clear-cut Rights as well as obligations. The relationships are reciprocal. Duties of one side are the Rights of the other side. So in Parent-child …

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The Difference between Advising and Condemning

In this classic treatise, Ibn Rajab (RA) discusses the differences between Advising and Condemning, which is an extremely important topic since it is very common that the two are confused for one another. For the most part, his talk revolves around the dealings and affairs of the scholars, and how it was from their way …

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People of Sunnah, be kind with one another

this book, which focuses on the importance of kindness and gentleness as it relates to achieving love, unity and harmony amongst the People of Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah, will help to do that. I believe that this book contains valuable advice for Muslims all over the world. However, none of the advice contained herein should be considered …

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Ethics and Values in Islamic Civilization

Islam treats man with honor and esteem out of Allah›s saying: {We have honored the sons of Adam; provided them with transport on land and sea; given them for sustenance things good and pure; and conferred on them special favors, above a great part of our creation.}[Al-Isra: 70]. This view gives special characteristics and features …

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Our Morals Following The Prophet’s Path

Having good manners is a trait of the prophets, truthful and righteous people. High degrees and ranks are achieved by following good manners. Almighty Allah devotes a verse in the Qur’an about the manners of the Prophet (PBUH), it relates all the high morals and best of manners to the Prophet (PBUH). Allah says in …

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Fifteen Points concerning the Call and the Caller

Indeed da’wah to Allah is a security for the society which is in fear of punishment and general chastisement. But this is only if the da’wah were given its due right, by the callers as well as the addressed: by the caller in having ikhlaas3, seriousness, and without slackening or leaving what it entails, and …

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Consumer Behavior

The present book deals with various aspects of consumer behaviour, in addition to the study of consumer purchase decision and its major determinants. It is methodologically based on a practical application approach. A unique feature of this book is its adoption of a methodological framework integrating all marketing dimensions with consumer behaviour, theoretically and practically.

150 Ways to Be Dutiful to Your Mother

In this booklet, the author explained his thoughts, and observations of those around him who are dutiful to their mothers in order to motivate people to follow their way. Here are 150 ways of dutifulness. The author writes: I contemplated regarding those who were guided by Allah to be dutiful to their mothers, and it …

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Chosen Islamic Manners

A Muslim should apply the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (S) in their lives and it should be apparent in their actions and statements. Indeed, the rank of a believer is considered by their obedience to the Messenger of Allah (S); the more one applies the Sunnah, the higher their rank is with Allah …

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A Model For the Youth In The Story Of Yusuf (PBUH)

The story of Joseph, peace be upon him, represents the peak of all. The Qur’anic stories with regard to its topical unity’ and is artistic appeal, and also with regard to the lessons of faith which the story contains.

Perfect Muslim Character In The Modern World

Today, Islam is frequently misunderstood because of the character of the Muslims who misrepresent Islam. This partially due to their ignorance and being distracted by this worldly life. At the same time, many Muslims are struggling to develop their characters and personalities in the mould of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon …

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