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Rizq ki Panch Aham Kunjiyan

Rizq ki Panch Aham Kunjiyan

Bulugh al Maram (HADITH) by Shaykh Wasi-Ullah Abbas in URDU

WE INTEND TO REPLACE THE AUDIO LECTURES WITH VIDEO LECTURES, INSHAHALLAH. This is a series of 160 Lectures based on Bulugh al Maram, a collection of ahadith written by al-Hafidh ibn Hajar al-Asqalani. The lectures were delivered by our Noble Shaykh Wasi-Ullah Abbas (HA) in URDU. May Allah the Exalted be pleased with our Noble …

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Tafeer of Quran by Dr. Israr Ahmad – URDU

Tafseer of the Noble Quran in Urdu, by the Prominent Scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed (RA). May Allah swt reward him for his efforts to bring the true message of Allah Almighty to the Urdu-speaking masses, Aameen.

Quran-Urdu Translation Recitation by Shaykh Sudais & Shuraim

Beautiful Urdu Translation of the Noble Quran from Recitation by Sheikh Sudais and Sheikh Shuraim.

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