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Eid Al-Adhaa 2017 – Eid Khutbah by Naveed Ayaz

The obligation of Tawheed and the prohibition of Shirk; Contemplations and lessons from the story of Prophet Ibraheem (alayhi as-salaam); an admonishment to the Muslim sisters who are married, to be patient and appreciative to their husbands; a great example of humbleness from Prophet Ibraheem (alayhi as-salaam)

Hajj based on the book by Shaykh al-Albanee explained by Abu Talhah Dawud Burbank

Hajj to Allaah’s Sacred House is an obligatory duty that is owed to Allaah – Dawud Burbank

Maqaasid al-Hajj (Goals & Objectives of the Pilgrimage) by Abdur Rauf Shakir

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